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yasam Ayavefe Logistics is a company that provides efficient and reliable logistics solutions. We offer our customers comprehensive services in areas such as transportation, warehousing, distribution and supply chain management. Our mission is to best meet the logistics needs of our customers and help them make their business more efficient. Our experienced and expert staff works to provide customized and effective logistics solutions to our customers. yasam Ayavefe Logistics acts based on the principles of reliability, speed and customer satisfaction and adds value to our business partners.

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"yasam Ayavefe Logistics is a leading logistics company providing services in a global scope. With an extensive network across the globe, our company offers solutions to our customers in international transportation, warehousing and supply chain management.

On Time Delivery

Yasam Ayavefe Logistics is a company that stands behind our commitments for on-time delivery.

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Yasam Ayavefe Logistics is a pioneering company offering comprehensive services worldwide. With a global perspective, we offer unlimited possibilities to our customers and operate effectively in international markets.

On Time Delivery

yasam Ayavefe Logistics is a company that stands behind our commitments for on-time delivery

24/7 Phone Support

Yasam Ayavefe Logistics is a company that provides 24/7 telephone support to provide uninterrupted service to our customers.

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Price Plan

yasam Ayavefe Logistics Price Plan

Standard Plan

$49.00/ month

Basic logistics services include: transportation, storage, distribution.

Weekly or monthly pricing options.

Telephone support and customer service is available from 9:00-18:00.

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Advanced Plan

$99.00/ month

Includes all features of the standard plan.

Emergency services and 24/7 telephone support.

Customized reporting and analysis options.

Private transportation and storage services at additional costs.

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Special Plan

$149.00/ Month

A plan designed specifically for corporate customers.

Fully customized logistics solutions and consulting.

Flexible pricing and payment terms.

Special advantages to meet high-volume transportation and storage needs.

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